The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (audio CD Pack)

Tom Sawyer loves adventures. He has them at home, at school, and with his friends — Huck Finn, Joe Harper, and Becky Thatcher. Tom has one adventure in a graveyard, one in an old house, one in a cave. Who does he see in those places—and why is he afraid?

Zjednodušená četba pro úroveň Level 1 – Beginner (300 headwords)/ Classic / American English. Součástí je audio CD s namluveným textem.

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  • Nakladatel:
    Penguin Books
  • ISBN:
    978-1-405-87800-5, EAN:
  • Popis: 1× kniha, 1× CD, brožovaná, 32 stran, 12,8 × 19 cm, anglicky
  • Rozměry: 12,8 × 19 cm
  • Rok vydání:

Cena v obchodě: 176