New Challenges Starter Students’ Book

Themes are:
related to students’ own world (friends, shopping, films, neighbours, holidays, sport)
cross-curricular (science and technology, history)
develop citizenship education (belonging and identity, diversity, awareness of disability)
about other cultures around the world (lifestyles, charity concerts, technology) Organisation
Get Readypage introduces topics first lessonpresents grammar through reading texts and practice
second lessondevelops reading, presents vocabulary and practises speaking
third lessondevelops the story with a focus on speaking and listening
Across Cultureslessons with reading, speaking project work
Your Challenge writing tasks and Understanding Grammarspots
the end of every module has a language check and learner development spot
Fact or Fictiontexts extend students’ language by deciding whether information is true or false
Time Outmagazine with fun activities like puzzles, games and reading for pleasure.
Picture Dictionary

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