The Thames and Hudson Dictionary of Fashion and Fashion Design

Nepostradatelný průvodce celým světem módy, obsahuje informace o každém významném návrháři od roku 1840 do dneška. Nezahrnuje pouze jen návrháře šatů, ale i obuvi, klobouků, pleteniny, šperků atd. Bohatě ilustrováno. Text v angličtině.
This indispensable guide to the entire world of fashion has been completely revised to include detailed information on every important designer from 1840 up to the present day, including not only couturiers but also shoe, hat and knitwear specialists, costume designers, jewelers and hairdressers. It also covers the fashion media, photographers and illustrators, influential art movements, fashion terms, garment and accessory styles, technical processes, and every kind of fabric, as well as personalities who have influenced fashion or promoted a style. Extensively illustrated, international in scope and completely up to date, this is an essential sourcebook for designers, students, collectors and enthusiasts.

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    Thames & Hudson
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