Eat Out!

Restaurant designs and food concepts that are driving current trends in interior design and architecture to new heights. The newfound appreciation for food is permeating every level of the culinary spectrum and influencing the interiors and architecture of eating places around the globe. There have never been such wide-ranging possibilities and attitudes toward food designed to cater to a specific clientele, whether it is sophisticated up-market or back to basics. Eat Out ! takes you on a journey around the world presenting an expansive variety of locales. A new appetite for sophistication is approached with sumptuous eateries serving up gastronomic delights, gourmet canteens, exclusive art bars, upscale grocery stores and delicatessens to even ice cream parlours for the trend-conscious epicure. Not only is this reflected in their interiors and architecture, but also in their holistic and concept driven presentations such as monothematic food places that offer a single menu or theme-driven presentations and performances. The book also portrays a new tendency towards the notion of no frills establishments where more focus is placed on creating a unique atmosphere and experience, at times even prompting participation. Examples from pop-up restaurants and portable kitchens to snack bars and candy stores are portrayed. Restaurants, cafes and bars are exclusive spaces for relaxing and communication, designed to inspire a retreat from urban everyday life. Eat Out ! presents the best destinations and eating concepts in the most cutting-edge cities and at the same time sheds light on current trends and future developments in a thriving area of design.

  • Nakladatel:
    Die Gestalten Verlag
  • ISBN:
    978-3-89955-254-6, EAN:
  • Popis: 1× kniha, vázaná, 288 stran, 24,5 × 28,5 cm, anglicky
  • Rozměry: 24,5 × 28,5 cm
  • Rok vydání:
    2010 (1. vydání)

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