Le Corbusier

Originální návrhy a náčrty, plány, fotografie a text o jednom z velikánů světové architektury přináší publikace úspěšného kmenového autora nakladatelství Phaidon – W. J. R. Curtise.

A penetrating and comprehensive study of Le Corbusier (1887-1965), one of the dominant forces in 20th-century architecture and design

  • Highly praised as one of the best works of scholarship on Le Corbusier by an eminent and award-winning architectural historian
  • Drawing from the Le Corbusier archive, author William Curtis documents individual projects in detail while linking them to the architect’s philosophy, urban visions and art, and the culture of his time
  • Proceeds chronologically through Le Corbusier’s life, with clear narrative text illustrated by extensive photographs, plans, original sketches and a section of 31 colour plates
  • 31 colour illustrations, 212 black and white illustrations

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