Beggars Banquet

From suburban murders to the sinister workings of a serial killer’s mind, from a bent cop with a terminal approach to his work to a hitman who gets more than he bargained for in a crowded fairground… This collection from the modern-day master of crime writing, which includes seven Rebus stories and the hard-to-find Death Is Not The End, not only explores the human condition, but also the inner life of a city like no other. For the streets of Edinburgh’s Old Town have seen more than their fair share of blood.

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  • ISBN:
    0-75284-959-X, EAN:
  • Popis: 1× kniha, brožovaná, 376 stran, 11 × 18 cm, anglicky
  • Rozměry: 11 × 18 cm
  • Rok vydání:
    2009 (1. vydání)

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