Light Innovations

Nowadays cities are bathed in light. Ever since man began traveling in space and satelites beamed back photographs, like miror images of the earth from thousands of miles of milea away, we have been able to see that large urban concentrations look like enormous pools of light in the darkness.

This booke featured a selection of proje which were designed around the idea of how light should be used in a certain space. Each of them presents a special and unique concept of illumination, developed with invention of transforming emotions, artistic expression or information, or to create an area using light, spaces, colors and shadows, in their wide variety, they all asserst the essential role light plays in creating an architectural space.

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  • Popis: 1× kniha, brožovaná, 384 stran, 28 × 28 cm, holandsky, anglicky, německy, francouzsky
  • Rozměry: 28 × 28 cm
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