Skvěle zpracovaný přehled nejzajímavější světových mrakodrapů, od 19. století v Chicagu po 21. století v Pekingu.

This vibrantly designed, updated and expanded edition celebrates every facet of the skyscraper as an architectural icon.Few buildings rivet our attention like skyscrapers. As the race to build higher and higher continues, these symbols of success and economic power dominate and reshape urban skylines across the globe. Opening with Chicago’s Reliance Building, built in 1894, and closing with plans for the London BridgeTower, scheduled to be completed in 2011, eye-catching two-to-four page spreads in this up-to-date and comprehensive volume capture over fifty of the world’s most important skyscrapers. Each building is breathtakingly photographed and an accompanying text offers intriguing historical details, notes on construction, and engineering feats. Tracing the evolution of these magnificent structures, Skyscrapersillustrates their significance not only in architectural history, but also as a reflection of humankind’s most competitive and optimistic urges.

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