Emerging Identities – East!

Berlín – Bratislava – Budapešť – Ljubljana – Praha – Riga -Talin – Varšava – Vilnius. Kniha představuje nejzajímavější architektonické kanceláře a jejich 30 projektů, které se vyznačují konceptuální myšlením a důslednou realizací.

Berlin – Bratislava – Budapest – Ljubljana – Prag – Riga – Tallinn – Vilnius – Warsaw: New, young and bold architecture has developed in Eastern Europe, while going virtually unnoticed by established western architecture. Few architects have earned international recognition, although they show individual initiative and idealism from the planning phase to project completion – and this success is a true match for their western competitors. “Emerging Identities – EAST!” presents a selection of architects’ studios, introducing 30 striking projects, distinguished by their conceptual approach and consistent practise, and with representatives from Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Baltic states as well as Germany. Cultural change, the quest for identity and its processes and repositioning a country – all of this is reflected in “constructed space” – from Berlin to Tallinn and Ljubljana

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