Dárkový balíček Pearson English Readers 2

Dárkový balíček zjednodušené četby Pearson English Readers.

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9781405842822 – A Christmas Carol – Level 2
9781405881760 – Billy Elliot – Level 3
9781405882293 – The Picture of Dorian Grey – Level 4
9781405862462 – Pride and Prejudice – Level 5
9781405865265 – East of Eden – Level 6

A Christmas Carol: Classic / British English. 48 Pages. Scrooge is a cold, hard man. He loves money, and he doesn’t like people. He really doesn’t like Christmas. But when some ghosts visit him, they show him his past life, his life now, and a possible future. Will Scrooge learn from the ghosts? Can he change?

Billy Elliot: Contemporary / British English. 64 Pages. Eleven-year old Billy Elliot is different from other boys. He is not very clever or good at sport. Then, one day, he discovers ballet dancing. Finally he has found something that he can do well. But everybody knows that ballet is for girls, not boys. Will Billy continue to dance? Or have his father and brother got other plans for him?

The Picture of Dorian Grey: Classic / British English. 88 Pages. An artist paints a picture of the young and handsome Dorian Gray. When he sees it, Dorian makes a wish that changes his life. As he grows older, his face stays young and handsome. But the picture changes. Why can’t Dorian show it to anybody? What is its terrible secret?

Pride and Prejudice: Classic / British English. 152 Pages Jane and Elizabeth Bennet are the oldest of five sisters in need of husbands, but it isn’t easy to find the right man. Are Mr Bingley, Mr Darcy and Mr Wickham all that they seem? Will pride and prejudice ever be defeated in the search for true love?

East of Eden: Classic / American English. 120 Pages. “All novels … are built on the never-ending contest in ourselves between good and evil.”John Steinbeck, one of America’s greatest writers, considered East of Eden to be his most important work. Set in California, the novel is a story of love and jealousy, forgiveness and revenge—and what it means to be human.

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