Gottfried Lindauer 1839–1926. Pilsen Painter of the New Zealand Maori

A native of Pilsen Gottfried Lindauer was an artist with a remarkable life story whose work was left unacknowledged for a long period of time. While in the Czech Republic his work is known by only a small number of specialists, in New Zealand, where he moved from Pilsen in 1874, his paintings of the indigenous Maori people are considered a part of the national cultural heritage and Lindauer is one of the most popular painters of the colonial era there.

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    Arbor vitae, Západočeská galerie v Plzni
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    978-80-7467-082-4, EAN:
  • Popis: 1× kniha, vázaná, 280 stran, 22,5 × 26 cm, anglicky
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    2015 (1. vydání)

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