Illustration Play

Illustration Play explores new trends in handcrafted illustration, each of which lends a welcome departure from digitally generated graphics. Illustration Play focuses, rather, on the return to experimental and unique techniques such as paper cutting, stitching, knitting, needlework, origami, patchwork and more. Thirty artists from around the globe present their distinct yet diverse perspectives on their signature styles, and the myriad skills they bring to each project, and share their resounding successes. Contributors include Catalina Estrada, Genevieve Dionne, Melvin Galapon, Caroline Hwang, Steven Harrington, Johanna Lundberg, Miles Donovan, Stephanie Dotson, Peter Callesen, AJ Fosik, Richard Saja, Ian Wright and many more. Through interviews and photos of the studios where they find their inspiration, the artists and designers takes you on a voyeuristic journey through their personal realms and share their work from vision and imagination to creation.

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    Gingko Press
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    978-988-98229-3-4, EAN:
  • Popis: 1× kniha, brožovaná, 240 stran, 21 × 26 cm, česky
  • Rozměry: 21 × 26 cm
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